RUN THE DAMN BALL! A deep dive into the importance of the Cowboys’ rushing attack


The Cowboys are significantly better as a running team and the numbers prove it. While Dak Prescott has become one of the most prolific passers in franchise history it is the Cowboys’ ability to bludgeon opposing teams into submission through the running game that has proven to be their biggest strength.

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The Cowboy’s pass blocking was atrocious last year. For the 2021 season the offensive line finished 23rd in pass block win percentage. The same however, can’t be said for the Cowboy’s run blocking. For the 2021 season the Cowboy’s finished 6th in run block win rate, ahead of teams such as Indianapolis and Cleveland who both have run heavy offenses. Despite this the Cowboys threw the ball 38 times or more in 10 separate games, disregarding the obvious strength of the offensive line. To bolster their chances of winning games it is imperative that the Cowboys re-establish the run game.



The Cowboys record when they rely primarily on the running game is literally second to none. Since 2016 the Cowboys are undefeated when they run the ball more than they throw it, having achieved an impressive 25-0 record during that span. To add to this when Ezekiel Elliot is able to reach 100 yards rushing the Cowboys are 26-4 over the course of his career. This correlation between the rushing offense and victory proved to be alive and well as the Cowboys went undefeated when they rushed for at least 100 yards as a team in 2021 posting an 11-0 record.

When the Cowboys’ offense is able to run the ball the numbers show they are almost unbeatable however it is also true that when they struggle to establish the run they are one of the worst teams in football. In 2021 the Cowboys were a meager 1-5 when the team failed to top 100 yards rushing as a collective.


Moving forward it would be catastrophic for the Cowboy’s to continue and disregard these trends. When the Cowboys focus on Ezekiel Elliot and the run game they are one of the hardest teams to beat with an 86 percent win percentage. Despite this Ezekiel Elliot only received 237 rushing attempts in 2021, which is even lower than his total during his suspension shortened season in 2017. Until the Cowboys embrace who they are as a team and lean on their obvious strengths they will continue to underachieve. So during the 2022 NFL season the Dallas Cowboys need to RUN THE DAMN BALL!


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  1. This makes sense. The longer you’re on the field moving the chains, the less time your opponent has to try and score. Run the Damn Ball!💪

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